Kevin Liles

CEO, 300 Elektra Entertainment

Kevin Liles

Kevin Liles is the Chairman and CEO of 300 Elektra Entertainment (3EE), which is owned by Warner Music Group and headquartered in New York, NY.

Liles co-founded 300 Entertainment in 2012.

Warner Music acquired 300 Entertainment for USD $400 million in cash in December 2021. 

3EE is an all-new frontline label group at Warner Music Group, consisting of 300 Entertainment and Elektra Entertainment (previously Elektra Music Group).

Kevin Liles: Career History

Kevin Liles began his record label career at Island Def Jam Music Group in 1991, working in various roles including regional management, artist promotion, and new market development.

By 1999, he was elevated to President of Def Jam Recordings and Executive Vice President of Island Def Jam Music Group. Liles took charge in shifting the work culture of Def Jam and developing new operating structures to increase revenue and growth. He was instrumental in increasing the global market presence of the Def Jam brand, establishing new offices throughout Europe and expanding Def Jam into films, video games, and streetwear. Liles also played a large role in negotiating and structuring Universal’s buyout of Def Jam.

After leaving Def Jam in 2004, Liles assumed the position of Executive Vice President at Warner Music Group. Liles’s main focus at Warner Music was to reverse declining profits. He did so by employing various leadership methodologies and incorporating diverse business growth tactics. Liles conceived the “run artists like a business” philosophy which enabled Warner Music to generate increased revenue. Liles also launched an ancillary services business vertical, which eventually grew to a fully-staffed unit at Warner Music.

In 2009, Liles founded and served as CEO of KWL Enterprises. His vision for KWL was an individualized brand management service for up-and-coming artists, athletes, and celebrities. This required a knowledge of changing distribution channels for consumers as well as consumer purchasing and consumption habits.

Kevin Liles co-founded 300 Entertainment in 2012 with his former Warner Music and Def Jam colleague, Lyor Cohen. 300 Entertainment has found success with their past and current signings, which include the Migos, Megan Thee Stallion, and YSL Records (Young Thug, Gunna, etc.).

After being acquired by Warner Music Group for a reported $400 million dollars, Liles’ focus shifted to 300 Entertainment’s key operations and revenue/profit growth initiatives. He was proudly able to continue 300 Entertainment’s growth and brand evolution during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In January 2022, Kevin Liles launched 300 Studios, a film and content division under the 300 Entertainment umbrella. 300 Studios will focus on multi-format, feature, and episodic content through a “cultural point of view.”

Liles’ new role at Warner Music Group is the Chairman and CEO position at 300 Elektra Entertainment, which acts as an umbrella covering both 300 Entertainment and Elektra Entertainment (previously Elektra Music Group).

The 3EE umbrella comprises 300, Elektra Records, Fueled by Ramen, Roadrunner, Low Country Sound, DTA Records, Public Consumption, Young Stoner Life Records, Sparta, and 300 Studios.Music Business Worldwide

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