+1 Records – Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant (US)

1099 Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant

+1 Records is a modern record label that prides itself on being a true partner to our artists. We specialize in artist development with a track record of taking artists like Rejjie Snow, Anna of the North, Anna Shoemaker and more to the next level.

Every team member has the opportunity to really make a difference in helping our artists achieve their goals. We have a carefully curated roster of great artists that is growing as we are in expansion mode. As our roster is growing, so is our team.

+1 Records is looking for a freelance Digital Marketing Consultant who specializes in digital/social media strategy, social growth, influencer marketing, and data analytics. This role with +1 Records is a 1099 freelance consultant position. This position does not exclude candidates from working as a digital marketer or employee for other artists or companies in addition to working with +1 Records.

As a member of the +1 Records family, you will be joining a small team of creatives that work hard and like to have fun. We have a laid-back vibe and a flexible work environment. We all do what we do because we love music and we’re passionate about helping artists achieve their creative vision. We care about our artists and team members as people first and we’re excited to be adding to our team!

The responsibilities of a Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant include:
  • Participation in all digital marketing campaigns
  • Ideating and building creative marketing campaigns for each artist and their releases on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc.
  • Helping grow each artist’s audience on DSPs, social media, and platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Discord, etc.
  • Working on influencer marketing campaigns, both directly and through agencies
  • Ideating on content strategies for our artists socials
  • Ideating growth strategies for our artists across DSP platforms
  • Helping the artists replicate content across artist socials – Instagram Reels,
    YouTube Shorts, Spotify Clips
  • Helping growing, ideate, and manage +1 Records’ presence on Instagram and other social media or DSP platforms
  • Helping distribute social trend reports to the +1 Records staff and artist rosters
  • Helping distribute analytic reports to the +1 Records staff
  •  Additional responsibilities, as needed

We’re looking for the following skills and experience:
  • Has experience with the responsibilities listed above
  • Has a clear understanding of the current digital landscape and social trends.
  • Has the ability to make strong new relationships with influencers and digital creators.
  • Has the ability to present strategic ideas to our roster with passion, confidence and clear communication.
  • A previous experience working with artist social strategy and social growth.
  • Strong communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Confident approach. Ability to hustle.
  • Ability to work well in a small team environment and independently. Being a self-starter.
  • Outstanding organizational skills.

Candidates may be based anywhere in the United States, with a preference for New York or Los Angeles.

Interested in applying?

Send your resume and a list of past digital campaigns you have worked on to info@plusonemusic.net. Please submit your resume with the subject line “Digital Marketing Consultant.” When submitting your resume, let us know why you think you would be a good fit for +1 Records.

+1 Records understands the importance of a healthy work/life balance. Our team members can choose to work hours that make sense for their lives. This role does not have a set work schedule or in-office work requirements and is ideally suited for someone who wants flexibility. A part-time digital marketing coordinator will be expected to work three days a week and attend all internal and artist meetings on those respective days.

At +1 Records, we value teamwork, trust, respect, clear communication, and a shared sense of purpose. Most importantly, we value the voice and unique identities of everyone we work with, internally and externally. We are committed to creating a diverse, inclusive environment where everyone feels seen, heard, and welcome. We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind and encourage people of all backgrounds to apply.

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